Friday, 27 May 2011

A Decade to Remember…

Early Friday morning, after Abang returned from the Fajr prayer, I wished him, “Happy 10th Anniversary!”… As expected, his remark was, “Today? It is supposed to be 29th, right?!”

For the past 10 years, he would state different days except this very day. I never expect him to remember though, because he has been him, and I love him for that…

Then we went separately thru our routines. Abang had a full day with meetings; while me spent almost the whole day at HKL.. It just happened that Affaf’s dental surgery was on that day; which followed by CIL-Takaful lecture at Saadiq 4-7pm. Thanks to the free time I had while accompanying Affaf in the daycare (7am-4pm). Upon completing some reviewing works, I began to reflect what me & Abang have gone thru for all these years..

If you ever recall Allah’s bounties, you will never be able to count it.. Indeed, Allah’s blessings are countless. I never think my syukur is enough for all His blessings on us, for Allah has outlined and realized remarkable plans for us, from the day we were created, the moment we met and the very second when we were joined in this holy ties…

Allah has guided us all d way long during our 5 years of friendship… yes, it was not easy at all to go thru these periods with full of tears, uncertainties, miscommunications and also temptations.. but our strong belief in Allah’s qada & qadr, a belief that Allah will reward us one day in many unthinkable ways, has made us survived till d end.. I thank Allah.. for these difficulties.. Allah had made me to skillfully learn the art of patience, good communication, redha (open heart), qana’ah (feeling enough with what we have) and looking things from many perspectives.. Indeed, for every difficulties, Allah is giving us new skills, if only we reflect ourselves & deal with such difficulties; rather than running away from it..

I started to really know Abang after our marriage day. For me, Abang as husband is a total opposite from whom that I have known for 5 years before. We were like going thru d ‘ta’aruf’ periods for quite some time. Again, thanks to Allah’s plan for us.. 4 months after d marriage, He put us among the strangers in the strange land (at least for me!) for 4 years. We learnt the art of true friendship to assist, to depend, to trust, to solve problems, and to do mistakes together. Yes, we faced many ups & downs together which somehow strengthen our love, understanding & respect to each other. I’m always thankful to Allah for giving us these precious & exclusive moments just for d two of us to build up our relationship. I know that, Allah would expect more from us then; our time, energy and thoughts are only for His path…

Through our years together, we have learnt, shared & complement each other in many ways. Alhamdulillah, this is among the wisdoms that Allah gives in any sacred union. Truly, I have discovered and will keep on learning many things from Abang; his spirit, his worldview, and his value that balance with mine. I learn about being ‘berlapang dada’ and accept things positively; instead of being Mrs. Fix-it-everything! I also learn to be patient with other people’s perceptions; instead of trying to please everybody & easily get hurt for that, coz Abang always said that, we will never able to please people, but Allah knows and will accept our efforts in His cause. Most importantly, Abang’s value seems fit into mine.. that if we relentlessly strive and contribute to others with a hope for Allah’s pleasure, Allah will bless & guide us in many ways.. good health, peaceful life, supportive family, well-behaved children & honest friends around, insyaAllah…

So, here we are now.. after a decade of colorful  life together, we are still struggling to become better persons in our different roles as Allah’s servants with solely aim to please Him alone. We believe that our life & time are destined to be contributing to others.. despite all the difficulties, negative perceptions, obstacles & challenges, our faith in Allah and hope for His Jannah have made us strong and remedy our grief..

Oh Allah, please continue blessing, guiding & guarding us, our family, our children & our generations with your Rahman, Rahim & Rahmah.. and make us among those who are always thankful (syukur) to You, Ya ‘Aziz, Ya Jabbar Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin…

Right after 'aqad on 27th May 2001 nite.. perhaps Abang was d only groom who wore songket, tanjak & keris 4 d 'aqd ceremony..!
Reception @ Kubang Batang on 29th May 2001
Bersanding on 27th May nite after 'aqd.. only among close family
With our parents during reception @ Kbg Batang
During kenduri on 28th May 2001 with our pengapit, Roseman & Zurin.. and also Aedy & Aloi (still single lg ni..!)
During reception @ PJ on 3rd June 2001 with my family
During kenduri @ Taman Guru with closest friends.. Salwani, Ezan, Amalina, Hasyidah & Fatma

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