Saturday, 12 September 2009

ISLAMIZATION OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE by Prof Kamal Hassan - some interesting notes...

Friday, September 11, 2009 at 1:04pm

Holding the IIUM MOA, among interesting points highlighted by Prof Kamal:

1) The niche of IIUM is ISLAMIZATION (B 2.2 MOA). This is the only features which distinguishes IIUM from other university.

2) All activities: lecture, research, consultancy, extra-curriculum must propagate this agenda to produce an 'Ulul-Albab'

3) Note on Ulul-Albab: mentioned 16x in the Quran. Many interpreters refer it to 'Ashabul 'Uqul' (from verse 'Hum Yaaqilun...') which means intellectual persons with integrated paradigm thru book of Quran & book of Science. So, ulul albab is a balanced knowledgeable person in understanding Science of Quran & science of this universe, who use their reasons which lead to recognition & submission to the Creator of both sciences, Allah s.w.t

4) The Quranic philosophical basis for Islamization of knowledge mission:
(a) principle of Iqra'
(b) principle of Tawhid
(c) principle of Amanah
(d) principle of Khilafah
(e) principle of Ibadah

5) The ultimate objective of this mission is to reform (islah), renewal (tajdid) and relevantisation (mu'asarah) of muslim intellectual legacy (turath)

6) Prof Kamal suggested some goods book to read, one of them is " Excellence without a Soil (How A Great University Forgot Education) by Harry L. Lewis who wrote about Harvard University's failure to produce a balance knowledgeable people.

Wallahu A'laam...