Friday, 30 July 2010

USRAH WAFA 300710- Tafsir Al-Kahfi


InsyaAllah, this week we shall complete our tafsir of surah Al-Kahfi with the story of Zul-Qarnain (ayah 83-110). It's about a man who has been selected by Allah to have extra-ordinary faith, goodness & strength. He used these gifts in good causes & went against all kinds of evil (example, against cruel rulers) during his time. So, our discussion will include:

1) Introduction to know who is Zul-Qarnain
2) An Example of good Ruler who always seeks the truth & do good deeds.
3) A ruler/leader's important trait- having high level of knowledge & understanding
4) The facts that Western civilisation is against the belief in God/Allah as the Creator
5) Materialistic Civilisation - the peak & effects
6) Opposite traits - Dajjal having features of giving misleading knowledge leading to kufr & mischief among people
7) Effects & Influences of Dajjal in the Society & our daily lives
8) Conflict of values due to our limited knowledge & tendency of getting influenced by Dajjal
9) The needs to have continuous knowledgem reminder & guidance from Allah, Prophet's teaching & wisdom.

So, hope that everyone can make it for today coz, this wld be probably the last tafsir Quran before my confinement later. During the next usrah (which may be in 2 weeks time & during Ramadhan), we shall have tafsir hadith which will be informed later, insyaAllah.

See u soon!

Friday, 23 July 2010

USRAH WAFA 230710 Tafsir Al-Kahfi

Assalamu'alaikum to All my dearest WAFA sisters!

It has been almost 5 months since our last usrah. I pray that you had fruitful semester 3 & wonderful 3 months break.. Now, while I'm 5 weeks away from the baby's due, I can't wait to meet all of u again to share, discuss & understand the hikmah behind one of important surah, i.e. Al-Kahfi. We have covered the story about Ashabul Kahfi & Owners of 2 gardens.

For this week, we shall continue with a story about Prophet Musa & Khidir (ayah 60-82). Among the contents wld include:
1) How Prophet Musa was ordered by Allah to find Khidir
2) Khidir's weird actions which caused Musa to inquire him continously
3) Occasionally, the TRUTH seems very strange esp. when people's values are corrupted & under crisis.
4) Human's knowledge are very limited, coz only Allah is All-Knowing
5) A challenge to materialistic thought.

So, please come & join the discussion to be scheduled at 12-1pm. You can bring any Tafsir together with Al-Nadwi's book. Hope WAFA exco will let us know the venue very soon. Usually it's at IRK class next to d mosque. See you soon!