Friday, 30 July 2010

USRAH WAFA 300710- Tafsir Al-Kahfi


InsyaAllah, this week we shall complete our tafsir of surah Al-Kahfi with the story of Zul-Qarnain (ayah 83-110). It's about a man who has been selected by Allah to have extra-ordinary faith, goodness & strength. He used these gifts in good causes & went against all kinds of evil (example, against cruel rulers) during his time. So, our discussion will include:

1) Introduction to know who is Zul-Qarnain
2) An Example of good Ruler who always seeks the truth & do good deeds.
3) A ruler/leader's important trait- having high level of knowledge & understanding
4) The facts that Western civilisation is against the belief in God/Allah as the Creator
5) Materialistic Civilisation - the peak & effects
6) Opposite traits - Dajjal having features of giving misleading knowledge leading to kufr & mischief among people
7) Effects & Influences of Dajjal in the Society & our daily lives
8) Conflict of values due to our limited knowledge & tendency of getting influenced by Dajjal
9) The needs to have continuous knowledgem reminder & guidance from Allah, Prophet's teaching & wisdom.

So, hope that everyone can make it for today coz, this wld be probably the last tafsir Quran before my confinement later. During the next usrah (which may be in 2 weeks time & during Ramadhan), we shall have tafsir hadith which will be informed later, insyaAllah.

See u soon!

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